Thank you!

This blog is growing up day by day so I’m really pleased for this and I thank you all. These are the times in which intellectual property has become the most important item in capitalism. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are not rich just for exploiting workers but because the ideas that they developed have become items themselves. At the … Continua a leggere

Good news bad news

  BAD NEWS Yesterday I informed you about the massive release of diplomatic cables from Wikileaks, they will be 100000 by the end of today. In the meanwhile two counter-attacks occurred: 1.The United States ORDERED the Wikileaks californian host domaine, Dynadot, to provide personal information about Julian Assange and his team invoking the Patriot Act. So at least we know … Continua a leggere

Let’s open Libyan archives!

  The Wikileaks tweets suggest to the rebels to learn the lesson from Egypt and get the state and intelligence archives, then publish them, in order to inform people before the foreign intelligences can make their own use about them.  It is now uncertain what will be the future for Libya since so many countries have been involved in the … Continua a leggere

Italian jails and English riots

The overcrowded  prisons in Italy are screaming the inhuman conditions  of the inmates, with a  hunger strike  day in all  the jails today. In England  the judges are working 24/7 for the London riots trials. A situation that shows how the western world is  unprepared  to deal with crime. It is surprising that in a western country like Italy, the … Continua a leggere

Le groupies del terzo millennio

La lamentela più frequente rispetto allo stile di vita occidentale è che le persone assumano, come modelli di riferimento, personaggi inconsistenti e volgari il cui unico pregio è l’avvenenza fisica o il conto in banca. E’ notizia di oggi, rimbalzata da testate a blog più o meno autorevoli, che Julian Assange sia “braccato” da GROUPIES, di ogni sorta. Il suo … Continua a leggere

The Report-saga it’s not over yet, Italy’s freedom of speech sufference

  P.S. I keep on updating this case in English because I want to show abroad the miserable situation of freedom of speech and the shameful conditions in which good journalists in Italy are forced to work in. In the previous post I was announcing the end of an outrageous attack at one of the most important journalists in Italy … Continua a leggere

“Report” and the tortuos path of investigative journalism in Italy

With four votes for and four votes against (but the president’s one has double value), the commission that had to decide if the tv programme “Report” should live on the public television in Italy, has given the assent to provide the legal coverage for it. After weeks of debate Milena Gabanelli and her staff can go back to work for … Continua a leggere